After bringing an updated aerodynamic package to the Singapore Grand Prix, both Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat feel there isn’t much of an improvement between the old aero and the new one trialled this weekend.

Since Toro Rosso doesn’t benefit from any upgrades Ferrari bring to a race, the team relies on their aero package for performance, which is why they struggled so badly in the past two races in Spa and Monza.

“Probably this is the only bad news of today, both packages are working very similar so they intend to keep both packages different for tomorrow and for the whole weekend and see if they can spot something more during the weekend,” Sainz said.

“Which is not ideal because it means the package hasn’t brought much or as much as we thought, so there’s not been a lot of development this year but thank God not many things have developed a lot because of next year’s regulations.”

Both drivers ran the new and old package during Friday’s free practice sessions, and reported that there wasn’t much difference between the two.

When asked if he could feel any difference between the two packages, Kvyat replied, “No, not really, to be honest.

“We’ve been quite consistent today with both cars. Like I said, we just try to do our engineering and driver work and then in the background all the other stuff are up to the more detailed analysis with the team and they will decide what’s better for our car and what’s not. But I’m sure they know well so, I have no doubt that we will have the best package.”

While the upgrade didn’t necessarily work this time around, Sainz isn’t being discouraged by Toro Rosso as every other update the team has brought has been successful.

“This is the first one that maybe doesn’t accomplish our expectations, so it’s not ideal but not a disaster because it has worked 90% of the other cases, but it’s not a big concern let’s put it like that,” Sainz continued.

“The updates are not working very well, this we can confirm after today. The car is working fine, what it hasn’t brought is the performance those couple of tenths we were expecting from the upgrade, if the team is intending to keep both packages the same or separate for the weekend it’s because there is not one package that is working better than the other.

“Parts we have enough, thank God, even if I crush the front wing today we have enough, it’s a matter of keep testing and trying to see if they find something.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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