After having “the worst Friday imaginable” yesterday and crashing out of qualifying earlier today, Romain Grosjean says he is almost completely out of confidence with his Haas.

While not completely down and out, Grosjean says he is baffled as to where the right set up of the car is, as he tried multiple different setups in the two practice sessions before heading into qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix.

“Since we started running here the car feels weird,” Grosjean said after qualifying.

“[We’ve] been trying a lot of different set-ups. Obviously we lost FP1… I don’t know, it’s just very weird, it’s not normal to put it twice in the wall in two days. I am not understanding what is going on, there is something not going quite right.

It’s been a recurring theme for Grosjean in recent races where the Frenchman has struggled with his brakes, and it’s seemed to have come to a head when his rear brakes locked into Turn 10 and crashed into the barrier.

When asked about his confidence heading into tomorrow’s race, Grosjean replied: “Confidence is shit! Close to zero.

“When you spin once at high-speed and the second time you spin under braking, how do you gain confidence? We are looking at data to see what we can do, checking the car after the crash to see the damage and then in the race hopefully the first few laps are good and I can build from there. Clearly I won’t attack the first few laps.”

Bringing updates to a circuit like Singapore is a risk as the track favours high downforce alone, and is quite dangerous for a driver to push while trialling new parts on the car. Haas is now looking forward to the next round in Malaysia for a more conclusive result with their upgrades.

“Malaysia should be better to test the upgrade. A street circuit is always tricky to know exactly what the upgrades are doing. Malaysia is more open, we can do more constant speed and have more data. I came here thinking with the updates we could be close to the top 10 and obviously things haven’t gone our way.”

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