Ferrari has given Sebastian Vettel a new engine ahead of the Singapore GP, along with a new turbo charger and MGU-H.

The penalty for the new engine normally carries a 20-place grid penalty, however, since Vettel qualified last due to a rear-anti roll bar the penalty is essentially meaningless and gives Ferrari a free pass to introduce new components.

The internal combustion engine, MGU-H, and the turbo charger are all the sixth units used on Vettel’s car, exceeding the permitted five allowed in a season.

Vettel’s gearbox was also changed which adds another meaningless five-place grid drop, as a gearbox must be used in six consecutive races before being changed unless it suffers a failure.

Despite starting from the back of the grid, Vettel is remaining optimistic he can fight his way through the field and enjoy a good race.

“We have plenty of tyres, so that’s an advantage and now we have a look at possible strategies,” said Vettel.

“Starting from the back is bad, nevertheless with Safety Cars and so on you can always come back. Let’s see what we can do with strategy.

“Kimi has got a better chance, hopefully he’ll be able to put the car where it belongs. The speed is there, the pace is there, but we need to make sure his car doesn’t have the same problem. Tomorrow I start from the back and we’ll see what we can do.”

Image via XPB Images

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