The 2016 season has been somewhat of a downhill spiral for Daniil Kvyat, beginning with his demotion from Red Bull in favour of Max Verstappen. 

Kvyat had hit a considerable slump in form before the summer break, where he was consistently being out-performed by team mate Carlos Sainz and the constant pressure beating down on the Russian was taking its toll.

During the Singapore Grand Prix, Kvyat enjoyed an exciting battle with the teenager that replaced him, as the Marina Bay street circuit’s emphasis on aero rather than power allowed Toro Rosso to be competitive throughout the weekend.

“It was a very enjoyable race,” Kvyat said after the race.

“Not that enjoyable behind Perez at the end as we didn’t have the straight line speed to overtake. I was pushing but without any gains. It was a shame but I’m very happy overall.”

“The racing over this past month has been a big test of my passion but I’m loving it again so that’s mega. I pushed to the very last centimetre and left myself on the track.”

While finishing in ninth position was the best result Kvyat’s had since he’s been back with Toro Rosso, he still feels as though the team’s strategy was on the conservative side.

“It was a good, enjoyable race – we knew we could do a very good race here so we were pushing very hard and it was very enjoyable,” Kvyat continued.

“It was shame we didn’t risk enough with the strategy but that’s the only complaint I have about it. We were stuck behind Perez for the whole final stint and there was nothing I could do about it because his straight line speed means he was incredibly hard to pass.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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