Max Verstappen says that he has hope in his team that the run of poor starts he has been experiencing will come to an end in Malaysia.

Verstappen has been experiencing consecutive poor starts at recent grands prix, a problem a handful of other drivers on the grid have experienced since the FIA enforced stricter rules that put more responsibility on the driver rather than the controls of the car.

Unfortunately for Verstappen, there was no one main issue plaguing his getaways off the line, which caused headaches around the Red Bull camp.

When asked whether there were multiple issues affecting his starts or just the one, Verstappen answered: “No, different [issues].”

“Of course [we did] a lot of work after Singapore. One bad start, okay, two starts, it is getting to the limit, but three in a row is not great. I have been on top of it, the team has been on top of it, and hopefully we have fixed it now for this race.

Verstappen pointed out that the poor starts were down to parts rather than technique, and while the team knew about the issues surrounding Verstappen’s car in Singapore, there was nothing they could do about it.

“You try to correct it but it doesn’t help. If you go to the start and nobody told you that the clutch has an issue (and) you just do your procedure, you do the start and that’s it. But if you come already from two bad starts and they tell you you will have another difficult start, it is hard.

“It just compromises your whole race. Even in Monza it compromised my race, but there you can still overtake, you have the straights. But in Singapore it is very hard, it is a bit like Monaco, it is all about qualifying and then you do your race.

While the issues surrounding Verstappen’s car had hampered his starts recently, the teenager says he will still stick with the same start procedure and that the changes in the regulations aren’t the cause of his problems.

“The procedure is quite consistent all the time,” Verstappen continued. “So you work around the procedure to make that procedure work in the best possible way because we think that is the right procedure. But everything needs to work in that way.

“As soon as I jumped to red Bull the first few starts were always very good, and I never had any issues. So once you know your procedure it shouldn’t go wrong if all the systems work correctly.

“Also last year I’d just come into F1, and it’s all a bit new, so it is anyway a bit harder. But when you get more experience it gets better.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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