Felipe Massa said his lack of pace on Friday compared to his team mate Valtteri Bottas was due to a problem with the brake duct.

The Brazilian finished FP1 in a lowly 18th place and spent most of FP2 in the pits. He later revealed that he suffered from a problem with the brake ducts that was causing heat to build up in the rims, which limited him to only short runs after the problem was fixed.

“Yeah we had some issues with the brake duct. We were having too much temperature at the rear on the rims so we had to stop for maybe half an hour to change the brake ducts, which was not really a great afternoon. I would say maybe I lost half the session because of that.” He added “It’s also true that our pace is not fantastic compared to other cars, so there is a lot we need to understand for tomorrow to make the car more competitive.”

Massa also had his say on the new smoother surface and Turn 15 profile, which is now off-camber.

“The track, the asphalt has no bumps so it was a very good job. But also similar to maybe Austria as a track that they’ve resurfaced so maybe a minimum of three seconds quicker [than last year]”

“It’s just the last corner that the camber is completely negative so the line is completely different to how it was because of this camber. So everyone is doing more of a wet line, so that’s the only really big change in the track.”

“A track that has less bumps you can run lower, it’s pretty normal.”

Image via Twitter – Williams Racing

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Ahmad Shallouf

Contributing Writer at MotorsportM8