Jenson Button believes that there is something wrong with his McLaren after having difficulties with his race simulations during practice for the Japanese GP.

While the Briton’s times were well down on his teammate Fernando Alonso’s, Button is still confident he and the team will be able to find more time in their one-lap pace tomorrow.

“I think the day went well, actually,” Button said.

“Our one-lap pace wasn’t too bad but I just didn’t get a great lap in. it’s actually very close, between seventh and where I am, 16th, just 0,4s. If we get a good lap tomorrow, which we will tomorrow, I think we could be popping into the top ten, which would be great.”

However, there is a slight concern for Button, as his long-run times were a long way off where he believes they should be, resulting in Button believing there may be an issue with his car.

“The long runs are a big issue that we need to solve. Normally that’s my forte, but today it wasn’t, we’re a long way off. We’re looking into the reasons, to see if there was something wrong with the car or not.

“Fernando had some slightly different bits on his car but even so we should have been more competitive in the long runs and not way off. I think there are some things we need to look into. I think there’s something wrong rather than a set-up issue, so we have to get that right for tomorrow.

“Degradation is massive, although I can get the tyres to work well over the first lap. That’s why I think there’s something wrong in my car.”

Despite being off the pace in both practice sessions, Button is confident that McLaren can still make it into the top ten in qualifying providing they can get everything together.

Image via XPB Images

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