Romain Grosjean has put blame on Haas’ brake supplier, Brembo, stating that the brake issues the team is experiencing are now too much.

The Frenchman experienced another brake failure during the first practice session for the Japanese GP, his second in as many weeks as he was forced to retire from the Malaysia race when his brakes failed, sending him straight off into the gravel.

While it may seem like Grosjean blames the team due to various radio outbursts, the Haas driver points out that he is merely venting his frustration at dangerous problems which shouldn’t exist in Formula 1.

“Jump in my place, try to turn in at 120kph and the brake doesn’t work how would you react?” Grosjean said on his braking issues.

“That is not against the team it is against the suppliers and today I crashed because the brakes didn’t work. I think it is normal to be annoyed.”

Grosjean expressed even greater concern over his persistent braking issues for this weekend’s race, as Suzuka’s high-speed nature could be dangerous if his brakes were to fail at the wrong corner of the circuit.

Everywhere it is dangerous but here especially because of the very high speeds,” he continued.

“The last race we were lucky to escape with nothing bad to happen and then here the brakes don’t work again so it is a bit too much.”

The brake issues Haas is experiencing have been an issue throughout the season. Esteban Gutierrez was forced into an early retirement in Bahrain, while Grosjean’s first retirement came in Spain, again as a result of the brakes.

Problems this late in the season is causing a concern for Gutierrez, who said on Friday that he is surprised Haas is still running into troubles.

“I had a lot of things like that at the beginning of the season which obviously you all say and are aware of, and then things got better in a certain part of the season” Gutierrez said.

“Now it seems that some details are starting to come out which are obviously causing big things. But it’s eye-opening for us as a team that we need to keep it up and always look into the details to avoid these things.”

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