Max Verstappen says he doesn’t believe he will change his driving style despite the FIA’s clampdown of drivers moving under braking while defending their position.

The FIA issued a notice to teams Saturday morning saying that if a driver was to move under braking and force the attacking car behind to take evasive action, that they will face a penalty by the race Stewards.

However, when asked if he will change his driving style after the new ruling, Verstappen replied: “No, I don’t think so”.

“I have not really thought about it yet, what I should do or what I would do. I am just going to race and then we will see how it is going to be with overtaking.”

The new rule which will be enforced from this weekend onwards was discussed in Friday’s driver briefing, as many felt that certain other drivers were too aggressive with their defending and voiced their concerns over the matter.

While it’s true that moving while defending has been an issue due to Verstappen’s numerous defending maneuvers over the season, the teenager isn’t taking criticisms to heart and can find the humour in complaints against his driving.

“It is funny, yeah it is. I mean, I was just listening to it, and at the end everybody can have his own opinion, so that’s it.

“I did say some things, but at the end it doesn’t really make a lot of difference does it? So yeah…for sure I speak for myself, what I think is right, that is what I did.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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