Daniil Kvyat says that the penalty handed down towards him was unfair as he believes Sergio Perez moved under braking into Turn 11 and caused a collision.

The Toro Rosso driver was left frustrated with race Stewards after receiving a 10-second time penalty after he was deemed to have caused the incident with Perez as he hit and spun the Force India on the first lap.

However, Kvyat’s version of the incident is different to the Stewards’, as the Russian was left confused with the new ruling the FIA issued yesterday stating that they would be clamping down on drivers that move under braking while defending a position.

“I want some clarification because this rule isn’t clear to me at the moment,” Kvyat said after the race.

“If that’s what he can do on that one then everyone else can do the same and I will do the same. To be honest, I have to watch the videos carefully, but that’s my initial feeling, so I’ll speak with Charlie and maybe he’ll change my point of view.

“Obviously they changed the rule yesterday that you can’t move under braking and in my view he completely moved under braking, so he moved maybe 10 meters across the track in front of me and he got spun out from me. His race is ruined, my race is ruined, OK, but don’t create the rule if you don’t force it.”

The penalty meant that the next time Kvyat visited the pits, he had to stay stationary for 10 seconds before his team could perform their pit stop which dropped him down the order.

Despite his race being “ruined” by the incident with Perez which took off part of his front wing, Kvyat believes that the rest of the race very good after the team switched to a one stop strategy.

“With those circumstances and switching to a one-stop, I think it was a very good race to be honest. It was not much in it, we did a long stint on the medium, like 33 laps or something, and the management of the tyre was very good considering I lost half of the front wing as well and we didn’t want to change it, so it’s a shame because it’s another opportunity lost unfortunately.”

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