Sky Sports F1 commentator and former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle revealed he suffered a minor heart attack during the broadcast of the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix. 

The F1 veteran had just finished his commentary duties for the race and had to dash down towards the starting grid to conduct the post-race interviews with the top three drivers. It was in his rush to the podium where the heart attack struck.

“I had a small heart attack running to do the podium in Monaco,” Brundle said at the Autosport International Show on Thursday.

Despite his post-race heart attack, Brundle still hosted the podium interviews with top three finishers Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez, only finding out later on the severity of his cardiac event.

Brundle had to have surgery and as a result missed the Canadian Grand Prix, later tweeting a thank you message to his cardiologist and surgeon for fixing his heart issue.

The former F1 driver was due to compete in the Road to Le Mans LMP3 support race and was worried the surgery would prevent him from participating, however, his medical staff cleared him to race in the event.

“I ended up with a 23mm stent in my left arterial descending, I didn’t think I could do the [Road to Le Mans] race. And the cardio guy said to me, ‘Yeah, you can do the race. Just don’t forget your blood thinners.’

“[I] did 75 laps at Palmer Sports in a car, had bruises coming out on my chest, but I love Le Mans and thought ‘I’m not going to miss this’.”

Brundle showed no signs of slowing down at the age of 57, as he claimed pole position ahead of two teenagers and went on to finish the race in second position.

“I sat in the press conference and there was a 17-year old and a 19-year old sitting there alongside me, and I thought ‘that’s not bad for an old geezer of 57’.

“We finished second in the race, which was unfortunate, but to drive a prototype car out of the pitlane at Le Mans is extraordinary.

“You get a bit sweaty, get a bit scared. I miss that feeling so much. I’ll do it again this year if I get half a chance.”

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