Matt Chahda’s Supercars career is seemingly over before it began after Australia’s motorsport governing body, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) refused to give special dispensation to award the 23-year-old a Superlicense.

Chahda attended the 2017 Supercars season launch in Adelaide and was presented as one of LD Motorsport’s two drivers – alongside 16-year-old rookie Alex Rullo, who was awarded a CAMS license despite also failing to meet the qualifying criteria.

While it was prepared to give a provisional license to Rullo under strict conditions, CAMS has flatly refused to do the same for Chahda, who has an unpopular reputation for erratic driving.

The Albury driver was roundly criticised and subsequently disqualified from the Sandown round meeting in the feeder Dunlop Series last year after causing a five-car pile-up that took out two championship contenders:

“In considering whether to grant the dispensation, CAMS is required to satisfy itself that there are exceptional circumstances to support a decision to waive the minimum requirements,” CAMS’ decision reads.

“CAMS has determined that there are no exceptional circumstances to support a decision to waive the minimum requirements.

“It is the opinion of CAMS that Matt Chahda has not demonstrated the necessary driving skill and competency to support the dispensation requested.

“CAMS values the safety of competitors, officials and fans above all other considerations,” it added.

Image via The Border Mail

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