Ever wondered what it is like to race a V8 Supercar around the series’ best tracks, dealing with stresses of strategy and numbers to get to victory? Now, there’s a way to do so and it can sit right in your pocket.

Developed by BeerMogul in Australia, V8 Race Manager is a neat little mobile game where you can be in control of a Supercar on your handheld device.

Starting out at a backmarker team, you work your way through each race, lap by lap, guiding your driver on what strategy to take. From the very start of the race, you get to pick how much fuel is in the tank to start and you’ll have to plan from your pit strategy and racecraft from that point.

The lighter the car, the lower your tyre wear is, however you’ll have to stop earlier and risk getting jumped by those behind you. As the race goes on and the tyres and fuel level wears down, you must pick when to pit and how much to refuel. A bad stop will see you slip back and a good one will help you climb up the ladder.

V8 Race Manager

V8 Race Manager is available on both iOS and Android platforms – check out the links below to download!

You get the choice whether to conserve (using less fuel and tyres but being slower), being aggressive (where you chew through tyres and ethanol but hardly ever get overtaken) or you pick the middle of the road option that balances both ends of the spectrum.

Prizemoney is awarded on your finish position and that money can go towards upgrades to help you gain an advantage over the next few races.

I’ve enjoyed playing it for the past few days. Unfortunately, I wasn’t particularly lucky with my strategic calls in my early attempts, but I’m hoping for the best with a bit more practice.

Perhaps this is how LD Motorsport felt at last year’s Clipsal 500 when Nick Percat won in the wet, purely by dint of the team forgetting to properly fill his car at the start of the race?

For the low price of $2.99 and available to download on both iOS and Android platforms, this is a cool little app that works well for fans of the sport who want to imagine they’re the next Ludo Lacroix or David Cauchy. This will no doubt fill the void of missing your racing fix in between races, or on a work lunch break.

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