Have you ever wanted to be in control of a Formula One car but never had the money? Luckily BeerMogul has again created an app which puts you in control.

Similar to previous title Formula Legend, and the recently-released spin-off game V8 Race Manager, the game lets you choose how to run your race. Choosing what tyres to run, you can either go for a short, fast first stint and make your way up the field or put on the harder choice of tyres and come through with speed at the end.

Apex Race Manager

Apex Race Manager

So you can’t do a Lewis Hamilton and get yourself in to a race-winning car on your race debut, you have a choice of two lower-end teams. Points finishes will be hard to come by, which means picking the right strategy is crucial to finish in the top 10.

Perhaps the best improvement over the V8 iteration of the app is when you choose if you are going to conserve, drive normally or attack, the fuel gauge will show you how many laps are left in the tank. This, included with the tyre wear showing, can help you pick when to push or hold back on what tyres.

The pit stops are fun, if not a bit tense. Anything over 2.6 seconds is defined as slow, though I still don’t know how I got my time down to 1.6 seconds.

The PRO version of the app includes wet weather, again adding to the variables which have to be overcome to finish well up the order. And don’t worry, team orders are included so you can either gain, or lose, a position thanks to your team manager.

While the app can sometimes be frustrating thanks to random punctures and road departures, it can be just as rewarding when you get your bargain bin race car into a point scoring position.

Apex Race Manager is available to download for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

Images via Beermogul

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