The FIA has secured a “broad agreement” towards a goal of introducing more cost-effective and noisier engines into Formula 1 when the series’ current regulatory cycle comes to an end.

Formula 1 is currently in the midst of a seven-year period of running 1.6-litre turbo-hybrid V6 power units, which were introduced in 2014 to push the sport towards a ‘greener’ technological focus.

While the current power units are producing more power and using half the fuel of their predecessors, they have equally been criticised for being too quiet and costing far too much to produce and develop.

With the current regulations coming to an end at the end of 2020, the FIA had a meeting that included the championship’s current power unit manufacturers – Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari and Renault – as well as automotive manufacturers not currently involved in the sport. One such attendee was Audi.

The Friday meeting, chaired by FIA President Jean Todt, agreed to a four-point plan as follows:

  • A desire to maintain Formula 1 as the pinnacle of motorsport technology, and as a laboratory for developing technology that is relevant to road cars;
  • Striving for future power units to be powerful, while becoming simpler and less costly to develop and produce;
  • Improving the sound of the power units; and
  • A desire to allow drivers to drive harder at all times.

“I was very pleased with the process, and the fact that so many different stakeholders were able to agree on a direction for Formula 1 in such an important technical area,” Todt is quoted as saying.

“Of course, now we must sit down and work through the fine details of exactly what the 2021 power units will be.

“But we have begun on the right foot, and I am looking forward to working through the process to come up with the best decision for Formula 1 into the future.”

Todt previously ruled out a return to V10 or V12 configuration engines.

Image via Kiama Independent

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