The 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix did test the usage of the words ‘lose’ and ‘loose’!

In this week’s episode, we wonder if Pirelli will soon run out adjectives for their ‘soft’ tyres and if they’ll debut a Mega Ultra Super Soft tyre someday soon. And mind you, a single set of this compound might last the entire race duration too!

We look back at Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘curse of the No. 3′ that actually worked, the much-debated Hamilton-Vettel clash, Valtteri Bottas’ recovery drive to P2 and has Lance Stroll proved his critics (including us!) wrong already?

A triple-header Formula 1 sequence in the 2018 calendar will be a treat for the fans, but if you’re a die-hard like us, you can forget about planning a holiday in June/July 2018!

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 Image via LAT Images

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