Rev Head: My Life as a Motoring Tragic, by Shane Jacobson
© 2017 HarperCollins Publishers, ISBN 9780733338168 (Paperback)

An actor, director and comedian Shane Jacobson’s dipped his toe into entertainment at the age of ten, and his career steadily grew with stints in radio, before he started performing in front of the camera.

His breakthrough came with the creation of his character, Kenny Smyth, a Melbourne plumber who starred in the eponymous Kenny mockumentary in 2006. It was a critical and commercial success, launching Shane to a broader audience across Australia.

He later earned critical acclaim for his subsequent roles in films such as Cactus, Newcastle and Charlie & Boots, as well as earning a Helpmann Award for his performance on the stage in the Australian production of Guys & Dolls.

Aside from his impressive entertainment skills, Shane is also a petrolhead, car racer and avid collector. More recently, he proved to be the perfect comic foil as Top Gear Australia’s co-host during its sadly short-lived stint on Australian TV.

Was it luck that gave me the chance to race at Bathurst? They say Luck is when Skill meets Opportunity. In my case Luck came when Not-Quite-Enough-Skill overshot the braking marker, speared off the track, and slammed into Opportunity while Opportunity was doing its best to get out of the way.

Jacobson is also a highly acclaimed writer and in his second memoir, Rev Head, he recalls how his obsession with cars has propelled him on some truly spectacular adventures.

From deadly billycarts, drag racing in a station wagon packed with dental supplies, driving the world’s rarest, strangest and fastest cars, competing at Bathurst, rallying and some spectacular crashes – this fast-paced and often hilarious collection of motoring yarns will keep fellow rev heads everywhere on the edge of their seats.

Rev Head is currently on sale at all major book retailers. Our review copy was kindly supplied to us by HarperCollins Australia. You can order your copy by clicking here.

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