What a fantastic week it was for the first round of F1 Fantasy. Drama in both Qualifying and the Race itself jumbled up player’s teams with plenty scoring either very well with a lucky bunch or drivers or very low with some unfortunate retirements. Let’s see how our team ran last weekend.

F1 Fantasy: Azerbaijan GP Results


As expected, scoring on Saturday was not very high with a limited number of scoring opportunities available. Drivers only had a really good chance of picking up some early points by making Q3 and gaining extra points by qualifying in the top ten.

Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen were the only two drivers to not make Q3. Meanwhile, Nico Hülkenberg qualified ninth to grab two extra points on top of his three points gained for making Q3. Daniel Ricciardo qualified well in fourth while Kimi Räikkönen – with his mistake at the final corner – cost us valuable points for a lap that looked great to take pole position. Every driver bar Räikkönen also managed to outqualify their teammate, gifting us an extra eight points.

Ferrari racked up an impressive 21 points for the team with Vettel snatching pole and additionally collecting all Räikkönen’s points we already gained from him being nominated in our selected line-up.

Qualifying: 60 points


Race day was very up and down for us. Two of our drivers – Nico Hülkenberg (hit the wall) and Daniel Ricciardo (hit his teammate) – did not finish the race, meaning we automatically lost 30 points, half of what we scored on Saturday.

Fernando Alonso’s great recovery from his first lap incident with Sergey Sirotken meant that he could still score some points from coming back through the field. If he were to pull over like other drivers, he would have cost us 30 points alone as he was our turbo driver. The Spaniard scored most of his points from completing more than five overtakes (earning us 20 points), finishing sixth and beating his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne to hand us an additional twelve and six points respectively.

Kevin Magnussen unfortunately was the last of the classified drivers to finish, garnering a handy eight points for finishing the race and beating his clumsy teammate Romain Grosjean, as well as gaining two positions from where he started.

Räikkönen’s lucky day paid dividends in the team, with the Red Bulls, Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas’ misfortune in the second half of the race, giving the Finn second position. This earned us 18 points, plus another 3 for beating his teammate and 8 points for gaining four positions in the race.

Besides Alonso’s turbo boost, Räikkönen was our most valuable driver with Ferrari only scoring four more points for the race than the Finn.

Race: 82 points

There’s still plenty to learn about the field for the remainder of the season. We go to Barcelona next, a track that teams and drivers alike know very well. It will be very difficult to pick what change to make in the team, remembering only one change can be made per round (unless you select your wildcard which can be used only once to make unlimited changes).

I have no doubts over my selections at the moment as none struggled at all during the weekend. The only disappointment to our week was missing out on points due to the race-ending errors from Ricciardo and Hülkenberg.

The next round of the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship is from 11-13 May at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Images via Formula 1 and McLaren

Image via Toyota Racing

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