Codemasters has revealed that the latest installment of their Formula 1 game franchise, F1 2018, will be released worldwide on August 24, the same weekend as the Belgian Grand Prix.

In an online announcement across their social media platforms, the game developers – who are creating their tenth F1 game this year – promised an even further expanded Career Mode, off the back of the greatly redeveloped mode last year, along with adding even more classic cars for players to virtually drive and bring back those nostalgic emotions.

The Birmingham team also hinted at the return of a highly requested feature, most likely being split-screen multiplayer mode.

“We were delighted by the reception that the highly-acclaimed F1 2017 game received, and are extremely excited to be able to further build on such a strong starting point with F1 2018,” said Paul Jeal, F1 Franchise Director at Codemasters.

“Over the past few years, we have engaged heavily with our fan-base to understand what is important to them, and we cannot wait to unveil more details on features we know our fans will love.”

The 2018 game will be available to users with 4K capability across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on DVD and via Steam.

Check back later in the year for a comprehensive review of the game upon release.

Image via Codemasters

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