The Winning Formula: Leadership, Strategy and Motivation the F1 Way by David Coulthard
© 2018, published by Blink Publishing
ISBN 9781788700115 (Hardcover)

Why is F1 the perfect example for leadership, motivation and strategy, and what can we learn from it? How could the science of a lightning-fast pit stop relate to the need to technology giants to evolve, and how does Ron Dennis’ obsession with time management help with TV production?

These are just some of the relationships that former F1 driver turned commentator, TV presenter and entrepreneur David Coulthard addresses in his new book, The Winning Formula.

The relationship that a sport like Formula 1 can have to successful management principles is something that has curiously remained rather untapped in the world of publishing, although some examples such as Total Competition (Ross Brawn and Adam Parr) and Race to Win (Derek Daly) have delved into this with varying degrees of success.

David Coulthard, 1995 Argentine Grand Prix

Coulthard claimed 13 Grand Prix wins in a 246-race Formula 1 career spanning 1994-2008 with Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing.

Following the release of his autobiography, Coulthard’s latest book opens the doors to the secretive world of F1 and reveals in simple, entertaining and utterly compelling terms how he has been able to master this mind-boggling variety of disciplines by applying the skills he honed from his years at the top of the world’s most demanding sport.

Recalling his own stories and contrasting them to the successes achieved by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, Sir Frank Williams, Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel, ‘DC’ provides a fascinating insight into his time in Formula 1 while simultaneously shedding a new light on the inter-relationship between business and sport.

Management and leadership books are a dime a dozen in bookstores and typically very dry affairs. The Winning Formula offers a refreshingly different perspective on leadership, team-building, innovation and business.

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