The Passion for Muscle Cars: The Australian Pursuit of Power 1950-1980 by Joel Wakely
© 2018, published by Woodslane Press
ISBN 9781925403886(Hardcover)

If you’re looking for a great gift for Dad on Father’s day in Australia, then look no further than The Passion for Muscle Cars, Joel Wakely’s fantastic follow-up book in the wake of The Passion for Holden.

It’s a personal look at the golden era of carmaking in Australia – the muscle car – which were born in the 1950s and reached their peak popularity in the 1970s.

The muscle car era was dominated by Holden, Ford and Chrysler, who developed groundbreaking cars for an ever-growing consumer market. On top of that, these cars were also hugely popular at the race track and came to dominate the Australian and international touring car scene. Even today, bumper grids of Holden Monaros and Toranas, Ford GT Falcons and Mustangs, and Valiant Pacers and Chargers attract huge crowds around the country.

For the motorsport enthusiasts, The Passion for Muscle Cars provides splendid detail about the muscle car era of the Australian touring car racing scene, profiling the cars, drivers and circuits that contributed to its incredible history.

The Passion for Muscle Cars is an eclectic mix of stunning photographs, technical detail, fascinating stories and unbridled passion.

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