The Official Review of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship (Blu-ray)
Blu Ray, 136 minutes plus 56 minutes of Extra Features (1 disc)
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Liberty Media gets a second crack at producing an end-of-year Blu Ray and DVD review, and following a lacklustre effort in capturing the action of the 2017 Formula 1 season, there were hopes that fans would be given something mega after an exciting 2018 campaign won by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes AMG Petronas.

We’re sorry to say this, but you will be truly disappointed.

The 2017 edition had almost five hours of high-resolution highlights and features spread across two discs, but their latest effort shows the 2018 season’s 21 Grands Prix in an utterly breathless two-hour edit.

If you want to relive the key moments of the see-sawing championship fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, then the highlights reel will give plans just enough action to keep them happy. Beyond that, you could almost be fooled for thinking just two drivers were on the grid, such is the scant attention paid to the rest of the field.

The year’s political wrangling and breaking news is barely given a mention and there’s almost no focus given to what was a surprising and volatile driver market spearheaded by Daniel Ricciardo’s shock decision to leave Red Bull Racing and join Renault.

Narration of the sanitised Liberty Media script is voiced by veteran F1 journalist Tom Clarkson – host of the well-received Beyond The Grid podcast series – who seemingly cannot pronounce a non-British driver’s name if his life depended on it.

Each Grand Prix’s highlights are crammed into a few minutes of action. Practice and qualifying are pretty much ignored unless there was a major crash – the only time you’ll get to see a pole lap is in the Onboard Cameras section of the disc’s ‘Extra Features’ section (which has just five other video features that were already broadcast during the season).

The race highlightsare an even more condensed version of the race highlights reel that Liberty Media sticks on its YouTube channel. There’s absolutely no new content or camera angles on offer. Commentary is provided by the SKY F1 team – for those not prone to David Croft’s one-eyed support of Lewis Hamilton, you have the ability to turn it off through the pop-up menu.

It’s rather bewildering that a production which took so long to come out could be of such a stale, poor quality, ‘colour by numbers’ effort at its $40 price point. Don’t waste your money.

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