Renault is “concerned” by Liberty Media’s lack of progress with Formula 1’s new regulations set to come into effect in 2021.

Post-2020 rules will include a range of new regulations, both in the engine and aerodynamic department, as well as budget caps and an overhaul of the revenue distribution structure.

Blueprints of the new regulations were presented to the teams in Bahrain last year but a final decision is yet to be made.

Jérôme Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing, will continue discussions with Formula 1 chief executive Chase Carey to push for a decision.

“It is our duty to make the decision happen,” Stoll said. “We are pushing and I’ve had several discussions with Chase Carey about that.

“He promised to us that the decision would be taken by late last year, but no decision has been taken.

“So I will push as soon as I meet him again, in Melbourne or maybe at the Barcelona test.

“I will restart [the talks] again to push him. I will say, ‘Please, what is your planning? When can you take a decision?’

“It is very much important for us. It is crucial. Crucial.”

The Frenchman highlighted the importance of knowing how Formula 1 will look from 2021 and beyond because the landscape of the sport needs a shake-up.

“We are very much concerned by the evolution of the Concorde Agreement and by the fact that Liberty, who is the owner, should decide,” he said.

“It is absolutely obvious that the current situation, in the way it is managed with the redistribution of rights and the way people are spending money for this competition, could not be a good answer for us.

“So we are really fighting, along with Liberty actually, to have a better redistribution of the [commercial] rights [income] and to have this cost cap.

“We also have to have a better show because, at the end of the day, people, if they are ready to pay for soccer and to pay for any subscription for soccer, it is because there is a show.

“So we need to readdress this point and to have a better show.”

Stoll said Renault agrees with the sport’s proposed cost cap and added they are not a manufacturer that will overspend to win.

“The cost cap is more or less in line with where we are today,” he said. “OK, we will have to step up again a little bit, but we are not far.

“We think we are in the centre of gravity with regards this discussion because maybe we are the only car maker who is a generalist car maker and is much more sensible on this financial point.

“For Mercedes or Red Bull or Ferrari, winning is a must whatever the cost. For us winning is important, but we look at the costs.”

Renault is the only team so far to have committed to the sport beyond 2020.

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