Official Name: Alex von Falkenhausen Motorenbau
Nation: Germany
Founded: 1948
Team Principal(s): Alex von Falkenhausen
Past Drivers: Hans Stuck (1952-1953): 3 races, 0 points
Günther Bechem (1953): 1 race, 0 points
Theo Fitzau (1953): 1 race, 0 points
Willi Heeks (1952), 1 race, 0 points
Helmut Niedermayr (1952): 1 race, 0 points
Ludwig Fischer (1952): 1 entry, 1 DNS
Willi Krakau (1952): 1 entry, 1 DNS
Driver Name (Years): races, wins, podiums, pole positions, points
First GP: 1952 Swiss Grand Prix Best Finish: 9th
Last GP: 1953 Italian Grand Prix Best Grid: 9th
Entries: 9 Grands Prix: 4 Non-starts: 2
Wins: 0 Podiums: 0 Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0 Points: 0 Retirements: 5

1952 5 entries, 2 Grands Prix, 0 points
1953 4 entries, 2 Grands Prix, 0 points


Alexander von Falkenhausen was an engineer who played a crucial role in the development of BMW’s early 328 models, which were the dominant sports car in the 1930s and winner of the 1940 Mille Miglia.

After the second World War, von Falkenhausen opened his own garage in Munich, tuning many pre-war 328s and converting some into single-seaters. In 1948, he founded his own racing team, designing and building bespoke single-seaters that ran the 328’s engine.

The first Formula 2-spec AFMs went racing in 1949, with Hans Stuck claiming third place at Grenzlandring and winning a heat of the Autodromo GP at Monza ahead of the Ferraris of Alberto Ascari and Juan-Manuel Fangio.

The cars continued to win a handful of Formula 2 races, and with the 1952 Formula 1 season extending its regulations to allow Formula 2 cars to enter selected Grands Prix, that paved the way for AFM to make its World Championship debut at the season-opening Swiss Grand Prix.

AFMs appeared at two Grands Prix over the course of the two ‘Formula 2 era’ seasons, although the cars were beset by engine failures.

When the Grand Prix scene abandoned the Formula 2 regulations at the end of 1953, AFM was seen no more, prompting von Falkenhausen to return to his BMW roots, where he headed up the marque’s Rennsportabteilung programme for the next twenty years.

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