Jack Brabham Jack Brabham, 1960 Dutch GP  

Full Name: Sir John Arthur ‘Jack’ Brabham
Nationality: Australian
Born: 2 April 1926, Hurstville (AUS)

First GP: 1955 British Grand Prix
Last GP: 1970 Mexican Grand Prix
World Champion: 1959, 1960, 1966

Entries: 126 Grands Prix: 123 Non-starts: 3
Wins: 14 Podiums: 31 Pole Positions: 13
Fastest Laps: 12 Points: 261 Retirements: 57

1955 Formula 1, Cooper Bristol T40, 1 race, DNF, 0 points, Not Classified
1956 Formula 1, Maserati 250F, 1 race, DNF, 0 points, Not Classified
1957 Formula 1, Cooper/Walker Climax T43, 5 races, 0 points, Not Classified
1958 Formula 1, Cooper Climax T45, 9 races, 3 points, 18th overall
1959 Formula 1, Cooper Climax T51, 8 races, 2 wins, 5 podiums, 31 points, 1st overall
1960 Formula 1, Cooper Climax T51/T53, 8 races, 5 wins, 43 points, 1st overall
1961 Formula 1, Cooper Climax T55/T58, 8 races, 4 points, 11th overall
1962 Formula 1, Brabham Climax BT3, 8 races, 9 points, 9th overall
1963 Formula 1, Brabham Climax BT3/BT7, 10 races, 1 podium, 14 points, 7th overall
1964 Formula 1, Brabham Climax BT7/BT11, 10 races, 2 podiums, 11 points, 8th overall
1965 Formula 1, Brabham Climax BT11, 6 races, 1 podium, 9 points, 10th overall
1966 Formula 1, Brabham Repco BT19/BT20, 9 races, 4 wins, 5 podiums, 42 points, 1st overall
1967 Formula 1, Brabham Repco BT19/BT20/BT24, 11 races, 2 wins, 6 podiums, 46 points, 2nd overall
1968 Formula 1, Brabham Repco BT24/BT26, 11 races, 2 points, 23rd overall
1969 Formula 1, Brabham Cosworth BT26A, 8 races 2 podiums, 14 points, 10th overall
1970 Formula 1, Brabham Cosworth BT33, 13 races, 1 win, 4 podiums, 25 points, 5th overall

Jack Brabham

Sydney-born Brabham was nicknamed ‘Black Jack’ by his peers, the title coming about not because of any affinity with gambling, but because of his uncompromising nature on the race track. Here was  a man who combined commitment and determination with talent and technical know-how to create an incredibly successful career in Formula 1 that would net him three Drivers’ Championship crowns.

Having learned to drive by age twelve and competing in midget racing at the age of twenty, Brabham formed an alliance with Ron Tauranac, with whom he would later create the Brabham F1 team.

By 1955, Brabham had made his F1 debut with Cooper, and by 1959 the rear-engined Coopers had come on strongly, netting him his first victory at Monaco and a championship by the end of the year, brought about by dint of his consistency rather than sheer unadulterated speed. His championship was secured by pushing his out-of-fuel car over the finish line at Sebring to earn fourth place.

But if anyone had doubts that he deserved the 1959 title, they were proven wrong in 1960 when Brabham won five (all consecutively) of the eight races that season.

He then took the plunge of setting up his own team, with Tauranac by his side, and by 1964 he had picked up his first win and a third title in 1966. He would eventually retire from the sport in 1970, approaching his 44th birthday, and proving just as competitive as drivers half his age.

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